mobi compile: how do I create a page with no title?


I’ve got a novel that compiles fine, chapter titles and text looks good. But I can’t get the front matter pages: copyright and dedication, to display without titles showing up in the Contents section of the book.

I get this:

Chapter 1
Chapter 2…

I want this: (Copyright and Dedication pages don’t show titles here.)

Chapter 1
Chapter 2…

Here’s my compile formatting settings:

Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?



I’m not certain if it’s possible. Odds are if it is then it’s a function of MultiMarkdown. I can’t verify that but it’s the best hunch I’ve got after months of sporadic searching.

I assume you’re talking about the table of contents that gets generated for e-books? If so, just open the compile book up in Sigil/Calibre and make your modifications. You’ll want to modify the contents.xhtml page as well as the built-in ToC that is used for the software menus.

We’ll be improving this a bit in the future.