.MOBI Compile to text defaults?

I’ve been doing test compiles to .MOBI from Scrivener and the results look fine on the Kindle Previewer.
However, the “Amazon Kindle Publishing Guidelines” (updated 1/2014; apparently the latest) at kindlegen.s3.amazonaws.com/Amazo … elines.pdf state “The body text in a reflowable Kindle book (fiction and non-fiction) must be all defaults . . . any styling on body text in the HTML will override the user’s preferred default reading settings. Users report such behavior as a poor reading experience.”

It then specifies:

  • “Body text must not have a forced alignment (such as left aligned or justified).”
  • “Body text must use the default font size and line height.”
  • “Body text must not have a white or black font color.”
  • “Body text must not have a black or white background color.”

I imported my text from Word 2007 into Scrivener and it is justified and that’s how it appears in the Kindle Previewer after compiling. So I guess I’d better remove the justification from my Word doc before I import it. But how do I not have it be “left aligned” and how do I ensure it’s at “the default font size and line height” and how do I keep it from having a “black font color” on a “white background color”??
Is this done automatically when the Scrivener compiler generates the .MOBI through KindleGen, i.e., are settings in my Word text overridden per the Amazon Kindle Guide (except obviously the justification)??

You shouldn’t have to worry about any of this, the details are handled automatically. Scrivener will check for the font size that is used most often in the book, and for all text falling within that size, it will omit any size declarations. All other sizes will be changed relatively from that baseline, using percentages. Likewise, the most common alignment option will be removed from the style output. Line height is never declared.

For the latter two issues with colour, if you’re running into problems with that you could visit the Transformations compile option pane and strip out text and highlight colouring during output, it’s generally not a problem though since Scrivener does not use baked in colours as defaults in its text editor. If it looks black on white, that’s merely because your Appearance settings are that way. Do note however that at least some versions of Word will black out text, so you may need to strip it out if you get rejected (I would imagine Amazon’s web site based .doc/x -> .mobi converter does that automatically).

Thanks, Amber. That’s good news. Well done.