MOBI files : langage not set

Hello, Just tried to compile a projet to MOBI for Kindle, I set langage to French but the file is still flagged as English.
(of course, Calibre can correcti this :wink:)

EDIT : strange behavior : I have changed the langage of the book in Calibre, but when I read it on my Kindle it still gives definitions in english…

Any clue ???

Edit again : found a workaround : output to EPUB, load in Calibre, change to french, convert to mobi, send to kindle, french dictionnary works.

How did you specify the language in the compile meta-data pane, with the ISO code, ‘fr’? That should be what you need to get the book internally set up right. If that doesn’t seem to be working, try opening the ePub in Sigil and opening the “.opf” file. You should see a line like this near the top:


Hello, even if it is set to french in metadata in scrivener, the opf file still contains en ( dc:languageen</dc:language>)

Thanks, now that I’m testing on the PC I can see the same thing. It looks like the language selector just simply does nothing. I’ll make sure this is reported.