Mobi Front Cover Change?

I’m still grinding my way through trying to learn Scrivener functions and I’m into compiling the first draft of a novel in MOBI format.

I used Photoshop to alter one of the “5-minute covers” I received with a training course I’ve been using.

I want to use it in place of the default one that comes with Scrivener fiction template, but it doesn’t seem to matter what I do or where I put it, the default fiction cover shows up after compile.

I’ve told compile which cover to use under compile options, etc., but it still always shows in the Kindle Mobi app the original default one.

I’ve been at it for two hours and can’t understand what I’m doing wrong.

Any suggestions?


Update. Perhaps it’s an image issue?
Using Photoshop and then saving a JPG format from it, what should be the best settings to use for both Scrivener’s cover page and one that would be used as part of uploading the book to Amazon Kindle library?