Mobi issues with iPad 2?

I’m using Scrivener 2.1 along with the premade ebook template, and exporting to both .mobi and .epub files and have a few questions.

I usually check the files by emailing them to my iPad 2 and opening them in both the Kindle and iBook apps. Sometimes the Kindle version looks great and opens fine. Other times, I get a message saying I can’t open the file in the Kindle app.

I’ve scoured my content for something which might be causing an issue for some exports but not others. I don’t have more than 3 paragraph returns or giant font sizes or anything which I’ve heard CAN trip up some eBook readers, so I’m at a loss to figure out what the issue is. Has anyone else run into this issue that can provide some things I might want to check to see what the issue is?

Secondly - the .mobi version of my export is like three times the size of the .epub export, yet they look and seem to function the same. Is this just a file type thing or is there bloating in scrivener exports when using kindlegen?

Thank you in advance for both a great product and great community!

Regarding the second question, Scrivener just uses Kindlegen to convert the same files that would go into an .epub into a .mobi file, so Kindlegen must be responsible for any bloating.

I’m not sure what would cause a .mobi file not to be opened on the Kindle; I’ve never seen this. What is the exact message you receive?

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I’m opening in Gmail, which says, “Mail cannot open this attachment” though it opens the other (epub) just fine. And sometimes, it DOES open the Kindle attachment. I’m thinking there must be something I’m doing in the content itself, though it’s a straight fiction book with no images other than the cover, which is messing things up.

I just figured maybe there was some checklist of things which COULD throw off an export, like the previously mentioned too many returns in a row, that I could run down and make sure I’m not doing any of these.

thank you

Can you not drag .mobi files onto an iPad using iTunes? I can do this with the Kindle if I plug it into the computer, so maybe they made a way to backup and restore books with the iOS reader as well.

“Mail cannot open this attachment” has nothing to do with the file itself - it just means that the Mail program is having problems finding the program to open the file in. So there’s most likely nothing wrong with the file, you just need to find another way to open it in Kindle rather than relying on Gmail; Ioa’s suggestion should be the best route.

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Connecting via iTunes worked, thank you. But connecting via iTunes is like standing in line at the DMV, something I try to do as seldom as possible because it’s such a huge pain.

Not sure why the mobi file sometimes works and other times doesn’t through Gmail, whereas the epub versions ALWAYS open without issue.

Given that the SAME files either open or don’t open on a consistent basis, I suspect there is something happening to those particular files when Kindlegen is making the file. It’s not like sometimes Gmail opens the but not others. It either ALWAYS opens or ALWAYS opens


At any rate, as long as it opens in Amazon and for all the readers, that’s what matters in the end. And so far, no issues with any of the books.

Thank you again for your help.

Any patterns between filenaming and whether or not something opens? For example, does “Book” not work, while “” always will? The difference there of course is that the one that doesn’t work has a space in it.

No, I use the same consistent naming system for all books when outputting files. I’ll update you if I see any patterns or figure out the issue. Thanks again.