.mobi: Missing chapters in 'Contents' page.

Hello there,

I have organized my book in 21 chapters. No subchapters. No chapters are folders.

After compiling my draft I can see in my ‘Contents’ page the chapters 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 20, 21, and Notes.

In ‘Notes’ are the 712 footnotes the book has, and they work perfectly.

The chapter 2 is not marked to compilation.

In Chapter 9 it’s included the text of all chapters from 9 to 19.

In can’t figure where is the problem? Did you see something like this previously?

I’m using updated to the last versions of (OSX) Scrivener and KindleGen.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Are you using a manual contents file instead of an automatically generated one? It sounds like you might have at one point created your own table of contents, and then forgot to update it after editing out some chapters.

Also, have you got page breaks between these sections, and titles applied? Only items with page breaks (“section breaks” in the Separators pane) will be listed in the ToC.

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In the first version of the compilation I had a Chapter 2 where I listed all the chapters, just for my own organization. That’s the only ‘contents’ text I made, but I don’t think that’s readable by Scrivener as an skeleton for its own ‘Contents’ page.

Sorry, I’m afraid I don’t fully understand the question. This is how my Separators pane looks like:

The book is a translation imported from a MS Office generated .doc . This is how I created each chapter:

  • Copy each chapter and paste it in a new file
  • Translate the text paragraph by paragraph

All of them were generated the same way.

One of the chapters listed in the ‘Contents’ page has a footnote (the only footnote in a preface in this book). All the footnotes but that first one are in chapters 9 to 19. That’s the only difference among them, I think.

What does your binder look like, though? You say your chapters are not folders, but in your “Separators” pane, you have section breaks between everything except between text files. If all of your chapters are single text files, then they won’t have a section break between them according to your settings, and thus won’t appear separately in the ToC - it would help if you post a screenshot of your binder.

All the best,

Good point, but some of them appear in the ToC. And I don’t know why.

I’m following what is explained in ‘Writing a Novel with Scrivener’, where I’ve found a detailed description of the process of compiling in .mobi format. I decided to start with the config it shows.

This is my binder:

And this is the TOC as Kindle Previewer shows it:


When using the ‘Section break’ option in Separators/Text separator I get a ToC with all of my chapters have its entry in it.

The only problem seems to be that the chapter 7th appears 3 times, and the 20th one two times. Not in the text, but in the ToC.

Trying to sort this out.

If you’ve got multiples, that probably means one of the files you imported had page break characters in it. Turn on invisible characters in the Format/Options sub-menu, and hunt through ch. 7 for any page break characters.

Thank you very much, AmberV. Duly noted :slight_smile:

I’ve been almost an hour playing with the first and last line of that chapter, copying the contents in a new file… and generating a new version each time. It probably is written in the documentation, but why waste 5 minutes reading the docs when you can spend a wonderful hour with the try/error approach :slight_smile:

So, I have my first e-book in .mobi format ready to go into my Kindle. That’s a big milestone :smiley:

I have to import a bunch of photographs and diagrams but that will be tomorrow.