mobi ToC heading always lowercase--why?

I am using Scrivener to create a Kindle-format book and all works fine, except for one thing: the header for the Table of Contents page always comes out lowercase, i.e. “contents” instead of “Contents”.

This is Scrivener 2.1 on OS X 7.1.

In Compile, my Compile For is Kindle eBook (.mobi), and the relevant settings are:

Layout > Table of Contents
Generate HTML table of contents [selected]
Center body text of HTML table of contents [selected]
HTML table of contents title: Contents (i.e. the default, and if I change it to something else, that also comes out all-lowercase in the Kindle book)

HTML Settings > Links
Convert Scrivener links to HTML links [selected]
Underline links [selected or unselected it has no effect on the casing]

I have played around with various combinations of these settings, to no avail.

Can someone please clue me in?



The contents page determines the case it should use for its heading from the first heading of the first chapter, so that it matches. What is the first heading of your first chapter?



You have given me the key. Thanks a million, Keith!

Ah, that makes sense, although that is a minor bug - because it’s just a number, it is neither lowercase nor uppercase, but the check Scrivener is doing to test it is lowercase is returning true. I’ve fixed that for 2.1.1.

My earlier reply was away from home. Now I’m back at my Mac and can give a more precise description of what I did, in case it helps anybody else until 2.1.1 comes out.

My first ‘chapter titles’ in the ToC were actually derived from the binder folders “Title” and “Copyright.” But as stated, my first true chapter title was “1”. But it was created in this way:

Compiler > Formatting > Level Settings… > Title Prefix and Suffix > Prefix: <$n>

Changing <$n> back to Part <$n> which starts with an uppercase letter solved the problem, as you said it would.

However, I’m still puzzled as to what caused the problem, since my chapters are also folders in the binder.
The only difference I can find is that in Compile > Contents, the Title and Copyright folder/pages have Pg Break Before selected, whereas the chapter folder/pages do not.

In any case, the problem is solved. Thanks again Keith.

For a long time I’ve meant to post here just to say Many Thanks–you’ve created an amazing application.

Glad you got it sorted!

Sorry for being dense, which part is it that still puzzles you? Why it came out lowercase? If so, it’s because only the heading actually used in compile is used to determine the case, not the title in the binder - because there are options in the “Level Settings” that allow you to change the case, so it would need to match anything done there for items at the same level. That is, if you have chapter folders that are set to use uppercase in the title only when compiled, then the ToC title should match that, so it only looks at the heading as it is getting compiled - in this case, “1” on its own. As I say, though, this is fixed for 2.1.1 - if there is only a number for the title, then it will use standard title case.

Let me know if it was something else you were confused by, and I’ll do my best to explain.

Many thanks! Much appreciated.

All the best,


Thanks for that post. It helped me get closer to my problem.

However… In my structure, I have a title for the very first chapter which starts with a capitalized word (“Berlin”). Then right after that is a section which is numbered only using prefix/suffix and ends up being overwritten “(1)”.

If I read the response to pelikano’s original question, the very first chapter after the table of contents should set the capitalization of the “contents” heading. In my case, this would be “Berlin”, hence I would expect “Contents”. But I’m getting “contents”, unless I change the sub-heading into something like “Test(1)”.

Why is the sub-heading now determining the capitalization of the contents-heading? What am I missing here? :confused:

Appreciate your help! And: great software!!


Oh, btw: what also confuses me totally is that the prefix and suffix for level 2 are being added to the table of contents entry (unless “Do not include title suffixes…” is ticked). How come TOC uses level-2+ suffixes for level 1 entries, with prefix/suffix being blank for level 1?? More confusion…