.mobi transfer to Kindle library

I made a mobi file, downloaded the Kindle software and transferred the mobi to my library. But it didn’t go. Is there anywhere the whole process is shown?

What do you mean when you say you transferred it to your Kindle library? Are you trying to open it in the Kindle app? (To open it on a Kindle device, you have to transfer it via USB via the Finder.)

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Sorry that it’s taken forever for me to get back to you. I probably was confused initially because I went to Kindle and read their rather obscure instruction, which seems to be preparation for selling one’s book on Amazon. I finally figured out that my .mobi file will pass easily into a kindle if the kindel is connected to the computer. Dragging the .mobi to the Kindle puts it in the ‘Documents’ folder … I was looking in the ‘Books’ folder instead. There’s probably some way to use the newer Kindle download software to put it into book format, but dropping it into documents is ok for me at this (draft) stage.

I’ve attached a pic of my most recent compile.