.mobi Weird Page Numbering

Hey Guys,

I’ve not long being using Scrivener (love it by the way) and i’ve compiled a manuscript in .mobi.

Testing it out in the Kindle Previewer, my generic tablet and my HTC mobile phone, I noticed the page numbers were very strange.

Page 2 - Contents
Page 5 - Title Page
Page 9 - Start of Chapter 1
page 16 - Next page
page 25 - Next page

Then the following pages went up in multiples of 10 until then end. No blank pages in between or anything of that nature.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Ebooks don’t have real page numbers as the layout changes according to the device and each user’s settings.

Devices give guesstimate page numbers which change as the reader changes their settings.

That makes perfect sense.

Thank you