Mobile Data Binder Syncing Error - Scriv won't open

First off, I believe the root cause of my problem was some silly messing around with the Dropbox location on my Mac and no fault of Scrivener. I returned the location to its original position and at no time had I run any version of Scrivener during either process, but perhaps something got messed up.

That said, here is my set up.

Scrivener for IOS on an iPad, Dropbox syncing, through a wifi network with (2) windows machines (vers 10 & 7) and a MacBook Pro. All versions of Scrivener are the latest.

When I try to open Scrivener on my Windows 7 (Sony Vaio) laptop I receive this pop up. I do not receive this error message with the other machines


Clicking on Continue has the same effect as clicking Cancel.

Scrivener projects transfer normally and sync among the other three computers.

The Dropbox settings for all machines are the same.

The Dropbox app and folder on the problem machine (Win7 Vaio) appear normal and Dropbox reports all is up to date.

Now, before I go crazy out of frustration and start doing things at random could someone give me some advice?

What I am thinking is that perhaps there is a sync file within Scrivener on the laptop that is messed up. Should I consider a reinstall?

Or perhaps, should I consider a removal of the local Dropbox folder and a reinstall of Dropbox?

I would be grateful for any help here.

Rick Grant