Mobile Me

OK, so Mobile Me is just out. Has anyone tried using it as a backup system for a Scrivener project, and a way to sync a Scrivener project between two or more computers?

I tried the iDisk feature briefly tonight. Curiously, I could not upload a Scrivener projects directly (it was grayed out) and could only uploaded the zipped version of these files.

Any thoughts out there?



I guess the big question is whether with Mobile Me it is safe to keep your main Scrivener files in an iDisk folder mirrored on your hard drive and then either sync it manually or automatically…

I’ve used iDisk for quite a while to keep Scrivener backups in sync, and the MobileMe verison of it seems to be working fine. Do you have the MobileMe update? It should say MobileMe in the Sys Prefs. If it still says .Mac, then click on it and the update should pop up for you.

I’m guessing that the packet file system that Scrivener uses isn’t something that can be used with iDisk. A quick backup zip, though, and you’re ready to upload. Have it set to automatcally sync (in Sys Prefs) and you’re good to go. :slight_smile:

There may be a way to set Scrivener up to sync (like Yojimbo or MacJournal), but I think Keith would have to do that. Again, I’m guessing, so I’d better call it a night.

(Sorry about all the clichés. I’m running on too little sleep and for some reason they appeal to me.)

Quite a few Internet backup/synch systems won’t work with Scriv files because the server just sees a folder with a funny extension - i.e. it doesn’t recognise that it’s a Scrivener “file”. You’ll see the same problem if you try to upload a normal folder - it won’t let you, instead you have to select a specific file within the folder. But a .zip file is genuinely a single file, and a server will acknowledge it thus.