Mobility during audio playback?

I have imported a few sound files (wav.) into the Research section of a screenplay I’m writing. I have no trouble playing the files back, but find I am unable to move about the rest of Scrivener while one of these files is playing. Is there a way to do that?
For instance, I have a file in which I interviewed someone. I’d like to listen to the interview and have it playing as I move back to the Corkboard for my Draft – and then add new ideas to my Draft which are being inspired by listening to the interview.
Is this kind of thing possible?
If so, please advise.


This came up only the other day:

It’s actually a major feature of Scrivener. Just split the editor, load the media file in one editor (you can lock the editor too if you wish) and do your work in the other pane. Cmd-enter will play/pause no matter where the keyboard focus is.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Oh, that is superb! Thank you.