Mode of sub-documents still active after click to a text in Binder list

Hello Keith,

the principle of Scrivener (binding single text files visually to one doc) is so great, but I wish there could be an option (i.e. button) to have this “binding mode” even active, if I select on single text.
This practice would be useful if you’re using Binders outline for a quick way to get to a text, click on it and having all the other text still inside the editor to go further with editing.

Additional wish: Have an auto-zoom, not only fixed values (usefull if you’re using differenent resolution/viewport sizes)

I’m very curious to hear your opinion. Thanks!


If I understand you correctly, what you are asking for is already a possibility. The trick is to employ editor locking, which typically keeps the binder from interacting with the editor at all—but if what you click on so happens to be located within an active Scrivenings session in a locked editor, then the action is to scroll the view to that position in the session without otherwise disturbing it.

For example:

  1. Select a folder with some text files inside of it and switch to Scrivenings view if necessary.
  2. Press the Opt-Cmd-L shortcut, or use the View/Editor/Lock in Place menu command.
  3. Expand the folder in the binder if necessary, and now click on a few different text files within it.

Wow, this is great, I didn’t know this!

Many thanks for your help and sorry for “spamming” the Wish List category.

No worries at all! Scrivener is a big program that works by combining smaller tools together like this. :slight_smile: I’d say a good 25% of wish list posts are things it can already do, and threads like this help future people searching for the capability.