modification date problems & question

I’m at the place in a project where I really need to see the modification date for every chunk of the project. BUT I’m having trouble.

[list=]in the “general Meta-Data” pane, I can see creation date and date modified BUT while creation dates are all different, the modification dates are all the same: June 28 2019. This isn’t long ago, and I remember what I was doing that day.Files are listed as modified on June 28 that I didn’t even touch that day. in fact almost every file in my project is listed as modified June 28 2019. I didn’t consciously make any changes affecting the whole project on that day. What happened here? Did scriv save the correct modification dates somewhere and if so how can I get them?

is the only place where this information is accessible on the “general Meta-Data” pane?

is there a way that I can display the modification dates in other places, like the outliner or the synopsis? it would be nice to have this very visible