"Modified Date" has gone mad

I am editing a novel with 112 files with a total of 150k words. I opened Scrivener in the usual way today, having worked on the same project yesterday 13/05/20. I was surprised to find that the file that opened on the screen, was not the file i last worked on. I looked across to the general meta-data window and it said that file and the file i had worked on yesterday, were both last modified a month earlier. I.E. not the previous day. Bizarrely the files i checked appear to incorporate recent changes. But as the almost 100 files i have worked on in the last three weeks all had the wrong modified date, i did not feel able to trust that they also incorporated changes i had made.
I then went to “open a file” to see if there was a list of other verisons and it listed a conflicted version of the same file, dated yesterday. However scrivener refused to open that file.
I decided to go to the backup file, whihc of course cannot be opened from it’s location and scrivener refused to open it. I had to rename it and move it to a different location. In the process i appear to have changed the save location. Scrivener is not longer saving to Dropbox.
The really spooky thing is that a fellow writer was experiencing difficulties with Scrivener this morning and shared her problem on our forum. I helped her and praised the software. Clearly the gods wanted to punish me and have wasted two hours of my editing time.
If you have an easy guide as to how i can avoid this issue and can explain how the modified date can be out by a month, then i might feel less irritated.

Do you use the Save As command to make backup copies?

If the “Modified” date was a month old, the most likely cause is that you were inadvertently looking at an old version of the project. The Save As command is a common way to do that, as people often don’t realize that it creates a new copy and then continues working in the copy, not the original.


Thanks for the reply, but i don’t believe that was the case. At the end of my work session i normally close the app from the X in the top corner and wait until the back up being created notices closes before turning off my computer.

And more importantly when i opened Scrivener the following day (yesterday) it automatically opened a version of my project, and at a page that i had not worked on for a month. If i had used save as, then surely it would still open on the same page that it had been closed on the previous day?

And why did Scrivener refuse to open the “conflicted” version so i could see it’s metadata?