Modified Date - May be a bug?

So I was playing around with the metadata columns that I wanted viewable in outliner mode and noticed that the “Modifided Date” on documents seem to only correspond to when the document was created. Usually “Modified Date” is for when something was last changed on the page instead of when it was created. Is that how the “Modified Date” metadata is supposed to work or is it a bug?

Modified Date should show when that document was last saved (ie, last edited), which is separate from Created Date. So this sounds like a bug, and I will take a peek at it later. There was a bug earlier where the modified date in the inspector wasn’t updating for everyone–it would get stuck on the created date sometimes. Are you seeing the correct modified date in the inspector but not in the outliner, or is it the same (wrong one) for both?

You’re quick. I was just coming back to change this to an “oops” because I wasn’t giving Scrivener enough time to save and modify what I was looking at (and quite possibly because my computer was having a very slow moment). Everything’s working as it should. :slight_smile: I should know better than to poke software when half asleep.

Heh. Bugs that fix themselves! I like those. :slight_smile: