Modified Keyword Feature

It would be nice to be able to denote a “color” for certain keywords and have SCR denote that throughout all related documents.


I use the main characters name “Charles” as a keyword. I denote it BLUE in the Keyword HUD. Then whenever I type “Charles” in any Document it’s color is automatically changed to Blue. I have “Sally” denoted as Red. Throughout all the documents the word Sally is red. But if I wanted to change it to say GREEN I could do so in the HUD and all instances of the word “Sally” would change to green throughout all documents.

This would be nice so as you look through a project you can easily find, by color reference, where certain keywords are located throughout a project.

Maybe even have a setting to either apply this globally (all documents in project) or locally (Just the Document you are currently in).

Once a person is done they can have an option to reset all Color notations to keywords changed reset (back to black).

Just my two cents.

You can use labels to assign colours to documents; I’m not sure how this would work with keywords given that one document can have any number of keywords, and thus - in your suggested scheme - any number of colours. Obviously it makes sense for each document to be associated with only one colour. Thus, you can rename “Label” to “POV” and use that as to assign characters with associated colours in the way you wish.

I was thinking more in the lines of a “Cast” feature. The document would have one color denoting its purpose but inside that document certain key words would be in a different color for easy referrences.


[color=violet]Document One
Label = [color=violet]Purple (Chapter)

“Sally” = [color=red]RED
“Charles” =[color=blue] BLUE

Inside Document One text would appear like this

[color=red]Sally said “[color=blue]Charles I hope you learn to explain this idea better.”
[color=blue]Charles grunted in agreement.

So throught the document your cast names or modifed keywords font color would be designated a color throught the document for easy reference. This may also help script writers etc. The actual Document color would have just one single color label. Just inside the document the keywords could be designated a font color.

So the modified keyword or “Cast Feature” would look for every instance of that custom word and select it and change the Font Color to the designated color so if your document is long you can quickly scan through usually visual reference cues (colored text) to make the keywords stand out.

Then you would have two settings. Local and Global.
Local setting would change my custom keywords ([color=red]Sally and [color=blue]Charles) to red and blue throughout [color=violet]document one ONLY. [color=violet]Document two I might have red and blue set up for the keywords [color=red]there and [color=blue]their.

Using Global Settings [color=red]Sally and [color=blue]Charles would be red and blue throughout every document in that project.

The document label color is great for organizing and outline mode but what I am thinking of is more along the lines of color coding the actual text of a document for easy reference either locally or globally.

Maybe have a standard keywords feature then maybe have another feature (Modified Keywords) or "Power Words"and give say the choice of eight modified keywords/colors.

Ah, you are talking about a sort of syntax highlighting feature. Syntax colouring has been discussed before, though your keyword version of it is quite a nice idea. However, I’m unconvinced about having syntax highlighting in Scrivener for several reasons (one of which is that, in a rich text system such as Scrivener, it could be quite slow).

I’ve added this suggestion to the “consider for 2.0” list, which basically means it is something I will think about in the far-off future - in other words, I like it enough that I’m not going to rule it out completely. :slight_smile:

All the best,


In the interim, perhaps it would be useful to note that you can have all the occurrences of ‘Charles’ or ‘Sally’ in your project temporarily highlighted simply by doing a Search for one of these terms.


Cool :laughing:

Maybe instead of making it dynamic make it a process that the user has to start before it proceeds.

In other words you are done with your first draft of Document One. You then go to the Modified Keyword HUD and put in your keywords and click process. Then the application goes through the Document (or documents if set to global) and makes the change for exporting or viewing. Then one could choose to print the rough draft or view it with the color coded keywords for revisions. When they wish to go back to editing they run another process (A color reset) that reverts all keyword color changes back to the color black. That way the actual use of the application is not slowed down by dynamically having to change the font color. Instead it is just processed only when needed like how you export for a manuscript draft (SCR changes the font and style by the user settings and exports/prints a processed copy. This feature would process the font color of the user’s chosen keywords during the process/export feature so the actual application and work environment is not bogged down during actual writing. it only happens when the user chooses to “reformat” their document for processing)

Either way the application is quite nice from what I have seen and I look forward to 2.0!

Great Work Keith!