Modifier keys NOT used by Scrivener shortcuts?

I’m always having trouble trying to create and remember the handful of keyboard shortcuts that I make for myself, mostly because I can’t recall if it was “CMD-CTRL-2” or “OPT-CMD-2” or some other combination of modifier keys. This led me to poke around in the menus, and I couldn’t spot any CTRL-OPT combos; but that doesn’t mean they’re not being used somewhere.

Can anyone tell me definitively whether there are modifier key combos that are not used by Scrivener (bonus points if you can tell me they’re not also used by MacOS X currently)? That would make one less thing for me to remember when I’m playing with my own set of shortcuts.


KeyCue tells me that Ctrl-Opt-F is the only one used by Scrivener (it’s Project Search).

There is a solution to your problem, but it involves using Keyboard Maestro (a remarkable program). A version of the solution is explained here: … estro.html

It involves using Keyboard Maestro to take a certain key combination (e.g. Cmd-N) and present a palette with various options. Have a look at the web-page – it’s difficult to explain but it makes sense when you see the picture.

There’s another example here: … ggers.html

And I’d buy Keyboard Maestro anyway – I don’t know anything else that can launch several programs and put all their windows at the right size and place on a single key press. (No doubt someone will provide us with other examples!)


Ctrl-Opt-arrow keys is also used for moving items in the binder and outliner etc.

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Jumping the selection to the previous/next container, rather than moving. You could remove the shortcuts from those if you don’t use the commands much. (It’s under View > Outline.)

Oops, sorry, yes, I was thinking of Cmd-Ctrl. Funnily enough, I was going to reply to say that it was used to jump between containers, then tested it to refresh my memory and clearly had a brain freeze whereby I mixed up Ctrl and Opt. Oh well.

So, CTRL-OPT is likely the safest to use, if I stick to letters that aren’t “F”, numbers, and function keys? That’s the gist of my question; when I create a shortcut, I’d like to stick to the same modifier key combination with the least amount of risk of colliding with existing shortcuts.