"Modify" Option Grayed Out in Compile-- Bug or Feature?

Hello, I am a Scrivener newbie. This is my second go through the tutorial.
I was following through the tutorial, through the compile section.
It was when we were to modify an existing comple that I ran into trouble. :confused:

Because the editor and the rest of scrivener freeze while having a dialogue box open, I had to keep saving and exiting the compile box to scroll through the instructions. At one point, I had to close out of the “modify” editor, possibly by hitting the close window button on the corner of the window.
After that I come back into the Compile dialogue and discover that the “modify” tab is grayed out entirely.
I think, “well, maybe I saved it as is, somehow, and if I compile, maybe it will let me modify again.”
No dice. I try unchecking the “override” check box multiple times, and change some minor settings, hoping I can unlock the modify editor. I’d prefer to do this without changing the underlying settings so I can continue with my tutorial.

Because I had it working before, I assume I just accidentally did something stupid or at least unintentional. This is why I’m posting here. Thanks in advance for your help!

Have you clicked into any of the element rows at the top of the formatting pane? When you first open Compile to the Formatting tab, there’s no selection in that table and the bottom half is greyed out, but once you click into the table, e.g. to select the Folder Level 1+ row, the preview window should display the sample text (if anything is compiling) and the Modify button should be enabled.

I realise you may have already done that, but it’s the first thing that comes to mind for why Modify might legitimately be disabled, so I wanted to at least check that first before tearing around trying to come up with another explanation. :slight_smile:

:bulb: Oh! That works! :slight_smile: Cool! Ignorance is an easy fix! Bugs can be a frustrating pain, so I’m glad it’s not that! Thanks, MM!