Modify styles shortcut (custom)

I can make a shortcut for an custom made style, but the problem is, i can only choose out of some existing key combinations, for example: alt+shift+6, but what if i want to define mine own. I do not see any options for modifying the styles shortcuts, or am i missing something?


We might consider that in the future, but it would take some thought. The notion of using a set pool for shortcuts makes them easier to manage and memorise than moving that customisation over to the much, much more intimidating and difficult to manage Keyboard settings tab, where you have to worry about conflicts and so on. Our thinking is that shortcuts for styles is something more people will benefit from if it is easy to work with them.

Thanks Amber,

The problem is, i am using mine mouse and the shortcut combination, but in this case pressing alt+shift+6 and using the mouse by the same time, i cannot accomplish that, and when processing a lot of text this becomes unpractical.

Or make the combination, two keys, for eg windows-key + 1 , w+2, w+3 etc, but not three.

Hope you can do something about it, THIS was the main reason i upgraded to V3 since i read about the shortcuts, but unfortunately not the case i was looking for :frowning:


And I think the approach of making the modifiers customisable is probably the best way forward if we do add more options here. The basic idea of using numbers is retained, but if you prefer Win+ or Ctrl+ then you can set that. This would also address cases where keyboard layouts make the current shortcuts inaccessible. There are some keyboards for instance where Alt+Shift+6 doesn’t really exist.


I know we’re not supposed to +1 suggestions (and probably not revive old topics :sweat_smile:), but I’ve been having this issue when recently upgrading to Scrivener 3 on PC and have what I think could be a pretty common use case for being able to change the shortcuts for the styles, in some shape or form:

I am typing on a French layout keyboard/French keyboard language in Windows, which messes these numbered shortcuts completely.
When I use them, it just types the actual number in the document, instead of triggering the shortcut. If I switch to basically any other language (I tried English & German that I already had installed on my machine), then they work as intended.
It is cumbersome to have to switch to another language or use the mouse to select the style whenever I need to switch between two.

Maybe this information makes this issue feel a bit more useful to tackle, although I don’t know the extent of your french users! :sweat_smile:

Thanks either way, and for this wonderful piece of software!

No worries! That rule is to avoid a bunch of posts that consist only of that sentiment, without adding anything to the conversation other than stuff other people have to scroll past.

We do have this improvement added to the milestone for the next point update, so it’s not forgotten!

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