Modify the sorting problem after the list items in the custom metadata

When I gave a project to set up a list types of custom metadata, then the items in the list are set up to content, and return to the project to set the list items in the project, and then return to the list Settings changes in the ordering of the items.
When I returned again, I found that the custom metadata displayed by the project would only display new content in the original order and not change with it.
For example, I set apple a custom metadata of type list, and I set both red and green in list items.Red comes before green.
Then I returned to apple chose red as displayed, but when I once again return to the list the items in order to give the two content was green before the red, after back to the clipboard, found that apple display for the green.This can cause a lot of confusion when I need to make a lot of changes to sort the contents of the list items