Modifying default style

I’m trying to modify the default style to my own needs but I can’t work out! I know that the “styles” comes from the general mac text engine but I tried to solve the problem with the osx documentation but I couldn’t. So the point is: I’d like to be able to change the font size, width of the page etc. Can anybody help?
thx :frowning:

Go to Scrivener Preferences/Text Editing … you can set the default style, font etc. there. To set the page width, go to Preferences/General and set Default editor width to what suits you and your screen, then set “fixed width”. When you’ve done that, and set the main window up the way you like it, choose “Save as Template” from the File menu. If you use that template for all new projects they’ll open up the way you want them without you needing to reset these things each time.