Modifying Scrivener Links

Hello all,
I use frequently the Scrivener Links in order to link names with template documents as I type (using [[ … ]] ).
However, I don’t usually use the exact same words. If my character is named Paul Scrivener and I create a template document for this character named “Paul Scrivener”, I may use only the name while I am writing (“Hello Paul!”) or the surname (“I am looking for mr. Scrivener”) or even an alias (“Have you seen the “Ghost” around here?”)

Is there any way to tell scrivener that every time I write [[Paul]] or [[Scrivener]] or [[Ghost]] I want it to automatically link the words with the same “Paul Scrivener” template document?

Thank you in advance - by the way I fell in love with Scrivener (the software not “Paul” from above) from the very first time I used it! It’s perfect, I’ll never thank you enough for it!

I do something similar to what you appear to want by using Scrivener’s Collection feature. Each character or location or concept gets a new Collection and then I add all the related documents into there.

Either use Documents > Add to Collection or right-click on the specific document in the Binder and use the Add to Collection item on the contextual menu.

I also use this feature for revision when I’ll create Collections for inconsistencies or narrative conflicts. For example where I wrote Oxford in one document and Cambridge in another but the people involved in the action are said to have gone to the same university; or where I have said character A hates character B somewhere but that they like/love them elsewhere. Then I can fix these errors up by using the Collection (in either Scrivenings or Split Window modes).

Collections aren’t automatic except for those created by a search. You might find that the search feature is sufficient.

While the [[Title]] shortcut exists only to create links to documents by their title name (there are no aliases), you can definitely link to anything from any phrase, even whole sentences if you prefer. Select the text you wish to link, and then hit Cmd-L to make a link.

Personally, I find it easier to just drag the document onto the selected text with the Option key held down. That will create a link to that document on the selection. And my favourite way to do that is to use the synopsis finder (Ctrl-Cmd-G) since that is a separate window; no need to move the Binder list around or locate things manually. Just type in a bit of the name, and from the search result list, drag the correct document onto the text selection as described.