Mojave Beach Ball

I have been trying to compile a 40 mb Scrivener file to ePub. When I do, I get a never-ending spinning beach ball and have to force quit the program. When I open Scrivener again, it tells me that it is rebuilding indexes. I shut down the Mac and tried again, but get the same result.

If I compile simply to plain text, Scrivener doesn’t choke.

Any ideas? I could go to a back-up file, but then I’d lose a lot of line-edits, so I don’t want to do that.

I’ll try it on another laptop with a little more memory (16 gb RAM instead of 8 gb) but I’d like to keep working on Mojave.

Edit: Duplicated the project file (cmd+D) , deleted all the files in the research folder to lessen the overhead. Got the attached error message; at the time the project wasn’t opened anywhere. When the project does open, it opens not to the binder but to the Global Search pane. The Mojave beach ball keeps spinning when trying to compile too ePub.

One possible solution?: create a new project and drag each of the existing chapters into the new project file.
Downsides: I’ve never done this.
Wouldn’t I lose all the compile settings? Is there a way to duplicate these in the new project?
Could the compile settings be the source of the problem ?
Or could the search indexes in some way be causing this?

I moved (that is, copied) the *.scriv project file to a laptop with more headroom (16 gb ram). After about 20 minutes, with the Activity Monitor showing 99.9% CPU usage, it did compile. Hooray! But all the compile settings are gone–they’re not carried with the project file? Are they hidden in a settings file somewhere? How can I duplicate them so that they can be accessed on the separate machine?

Compile settings are in ~/username/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/Compile Formats/

You can copy them to a removable disc from which you copy them into the equivalent folder on the laptop; or right click on the relevant .scrformat file then choose Share → Airdrop to the laptop where you can then move the file from the Downloads folder into the Compile Formats folder.



You mean ~/Library/Application…

Username is included in the tilde.