Monologues in playwriting format

I figured out how to solve a problem I had but I’m not sure if it’s ok. In writing a long monologue, I did not want to have to break the momentum to switch from character format back to dialogue when breaking the monologue into paragraphs. I turned on view invisibles, copied two consecutive paragraph marks and do “paste” each time I want a new paragraph for the same character. But this creates a space between lines of the same speaker’s ongoing dialogue.

Alternately I set an indent on the ruler and copied the paragraph symbol on that line, then pasted it when I wanted a new paragraph in the monologue - indented but no space between paragraphs. My questions are I’m not sure if either is acceptable format for a U.S. play, or whether this will mess up something later on, like compiling or importing into different software for finalizing the play format.