Monster close box on floating windows

Here’s an odd one. I changed a few settings in Windows Display Properties/Appearance/Advanced, and when I’d done, the close box on Scrivener’s floating windows had all grown. Note that this is not the size I’d set in the Windows dialogue; Scrivener’s close box in the top right of the screenshot is the correct size.

Have you closed and reopened Scriven since making the changes? What settings did you adjust in the display properties and what version of Windows are you running (looks like XP)? It will help see what’s going on if we can reproduce it.

Yes, Scrivener has been closed, and the computer has been restarted since making the changes.
As far as I recall, I changed settings for the Active Title Bar, Scroll Bar and Buttons. I am using a modified version of Windows Classic Style on Win XP sp3. The DPI setting is 125%. In fact here is the theme file - maybe that will help. (I had to change the extension to .txt upload it, but it’s a .theme file).
SE Standard.txt (5.35 KB)

Ah, thanks for the .theme. In your advanced settings, you have the Palette Title size set to 24; you need to reduce that one (to 18, if you want to match your other window title bars).

Well spotted! Thanks :slight_smile: