Month/day switching on date entry in custom metadata field

I’ve noticed a few threads on custom metadata and date formats, but I haven’t seemed to find this particular question being addressed (v3.3.1). I’m using it in the U.S. and don’t believe I’ve messed with any localization settings. There seems to be some inconsistency in how dates are interpreted when entered via keyboard/text (rather than choosing on a calendar), and I’m wondering if I’m missing something on that front.

In the below scenario, I have the date field set to standard “Short” format, which is correctly displaying M/d/yy for the date that ultimately gets recorded. I’m struggling with the piece where Scrivener is interpreting my entry and choosing what date to record in the first place.

Elsewhere on the OS, I would normally just type “8/1” in a field like this, hit return, and assume I’d get August 1, 2023. That the default behavior for the U.S. Scrivener, however, decides that is January 8, 2023—it’s reading it as if I were in Europe (as day/month). I have to type in “8/1/23” to get the correct August date stored.

Since the display of the date is still set to the U.S. standard Short M/d/yy, the what ends up being displayed (the January 8 date) is my entry of “8/1” transposed: “1/8/23.”

If I type in “7/31,” it obviously can tell that it’s not the 7th of the 31st month, so I do get July 31, 2023 (displaying “7/31/23”). That’s the expected behavior.

Is there a way to get Scrivener to always recognize that I am entering the text in the standard localized M/d (or simply just entering text in the format that is chosen for display), rather than assuming I’m typing d/M unless it’s logically impossible? Is there a setting somewhere I’m missing?