More, and more flexible, Meta-data

Okay - First, I love scrivener. Thank you.
Now - What would make it (nearly) perfect is 4 or 5 additional meta-data fields that are completely user definable and allow flexible text inputs. Right now, although there are 16 meta-data fields, only “label” and “status” are flexible, and even then they are limited by the values placed into the meta-data settings window. For example, one thing I miss is the ability to easily track “story date and time” for a chapter.


Custom data fields are on the timeline for inclusion but it was a Mac 2.0 feature and so didn’t make it into the initial Windows release.

Thank you!

Whereabouts in the timeline, if you can tell us? Is it soon, or is it coming up in say, Windows v2? What about the rest of the features in Mac v2? Or are you going to let us just be surprised :wink: ?

I wouldn’t expect it any time super soon, as there are a lot of other features which greater priority (like syncing and filling out some missing things from the 1.x timeline that had to be cut to get the release out in a timely manner). For now you can try doing some of this stuff with keywords. It’s not going to be a perfect replacement for everything a custom column in the outliner can accomplish, but you can do quite a bit with them—and since they are freeform you can mix things up. In fact that is often useful, as it lets you locate orthogonal overlapping such as say, the presence of a character in a particular location.

Not going to be so good for chronology though!