More beta to tide us over?

I noticed that the current windows beta expires end of July, and the projected release date is end of August–will there be another beta or an extension to the current beta to bridge that month? Or should I migrate my projects at the end of the month?


Every single time a beta expiration date gets near, they release a new beta. If they happen to release the full version instead of another beta, it will come with a 30 day trial timer, so you’ll be covered either way until it’s time to buy. They have always released a new beta before the expiration of the old one, knowing that some people are working on real projects no matter how ill-advised that has been in the past.

Thanks for the release history–just jumped onto the beta since it seemed close to being finished.

Perhaps I should use the July 31 cutoff as motivation to get ahead of deadlines.

If you need to trick yourself into writing more, then more power to you. :wink:

But to be clear, they always get a new beta release out before the old one expires. They often cut it close, sometimes less than 24 hours, but never have they missed the deadline.

Do keep in mind there are still compile bugs to fix. Some things just don’t work, so if you plan to provide the final result to someone else, you should immediately try to compile your work to see if the release is advanced enough for your needs. Note that compile has changed rather dramatically, so read up on that first too… which of course is a way to procrastinate, rather than a way to push yourself to work faster.