More Better

There is nothing “more better” than reading statements like “near miss,” “kinda-sort of”,“redundant back-up.” “more than likely,” “I think maybe so,” and" more than great".

Each is more better and gets more interesting with time. Do you have a few that get on your nerves?

On a side note:
I hear that there was a study that said women use over 50,000 words a day and men usually only use around 5,000. At the end of the day the reason why us men don’t really feel like talking is we usually have already used up our 5,000 words and have nothing more to say. :slight_smile:

“Just type your PIN number into the ATM machine…” is definitely more better—but a classic.

I couldn’t care less.

I literally pissed myself laughing.

Guess what… (rushing on without letting me guess).

5,000 words? Oh I definitely hit that before breakfast! I don’t know about 50,000 though, ha.

Surely it’s “I could care less” that deserves a More Better gong…?

You’re right! I accidentally transposed it into logical form. Sigh.

That is indeed true. The problem is, my missus uses only 5,000 throughout her day. She saves the remaining 45,000 for when we get to bed, knowing, full well, my 5,000 have been used earlier, giving me no chance of retaliation. :cry:

OH they have been outsmarting us since the dawn of life began.

Let me point out a few things.

(1) The men would go out into the unknown and hunt down vicious animals for food. While the women actually ran the whole village and took of everything from gathering all the fruits, herbs, and spice, watching the kids, preparing food and clothes,building the shelters, etc. Men may have been led to believe they were in “control” but the men did not know anything that was going on in the community, the politics, etc. They were of course tutored by their woman in all the things we now call civilized society.

(2) Men had a risky job because women were smart enough to NOT go out into the Jungle with Saber Tooth Tigers and T Rex.

(3) Every King would rule an empire but at night every king submitted to the careful tongue and wisdom of their wife. The true power of the throne was subtle and once again LOW RISK. The King would be the target of assassination where the Queen could just remarry and stay on the throne. :slight_smile:

(4) Every woman on the planet knows that they do not have to sleep alone if they so choose so. Men on the other hand are amazed if we get the chance to not sleep alone. :slight_smile:
Controlling one of the Primitive drives in our genetics is a very powerful position to be in.

(5) Woman can multi task better and have been outthinking men since they turned 12 years old. Face it. Don’t battle wits with a woman. You may never even realize when she turns the tables on you but she will at her choosing. IF it is taking time this means she has feelings for you or has some form of respect for you and is trying to give you plenty of chances to realize the errors of your ways before she goes medieval on you and sinks your battleship.

(6) Women have very long memories and may forgive gently but rarely forget. And if you become the target of a woman’s ire you better pray her father or brother’s kill you first. It will be more merciful. Never get on the bad side of a woman. She will have already have life insurance taken out on you.

(7) Woman have the tolerance to fight off advances from ugly men, keep active in their children’s life, help their husbands organize their own life, and usually pull down a full career at the same time having to take crap pay and rude actions from the “knuckle-dragging-lug-I-want-a-woman” man that is usually in some form of management and having to deal with people that haven;t realize for the past millions of years (Since Adam) that yes women do actually have a brain and can think very well.

(8) The worst thing to witness though is if your woman finds another woman either trying to hurt you or “poach” her territory and you are not wanting this unwanted attention nor did you do anything wrong to encourage it. This is when they truly go MEDIEVAL. Talking 50,000 words in 3.4 seconds and each one of them would make a sailor blush. We are talking full Kung Fu Turbo Ginsu Butcher knives and lawn furniture. I am talking throwing chairs, burning down houses, ramming with cars, and gunfire. No drive but an actual stand in the yard firing and reloading murder in her eyes!

The lengths a woman would go to in order to protect her children or to protect her man are only known by women. Men cannot fathom the actual hell on earth they can bring about if provoked.

We are talking REVELATIONS! Yes she is about to open the seventh seal and put a pounding down so hard the very earth is about to open.

See that is why men usually “fight” more than women. Because women will destroy if threatened.




Reminds me of a conversation I had at the dojo the other night. About how the pointy end of a sword tends to focus the mind.



My goodness, what a battlefield it seems to be out there for people of the opposite sex. All this talk about sinking battleships and taking out life insurance policies. But I guess that is how a lot of people see it. Because of that, I assumed I’d be (quite happily) single for life, since I’d never want to live that way. Feeling embattled. I’m happy to say I can see very little of this in my own relationship. Of course, perhaps my husband would feel differently. But I doubt it. We talk about stuff, we communicate, when things need to be worked out, neither of us has any stake in being right, in having the ‘power,’ in hurting the other person, making the other feel stupid. We laugh, play, enjoy each others company. Who the hell wants to live with this Mars/Venus crap and waste energy playing power games? We just want to have fun and he’s my most fun person and I’m his.

But maybe there is something wrong with us and the Mars/Venus crap is the norm. I always did feel pretty weird compared to the rest of human society. Pretty much on the outside. Used to think it was a bad thing. Now, I’m rather glad. Since I managed to find someone else who really likes me and I like him and we just talk about things and don’t play with battleships! :wink:

Of course, I recognize that it is a man who writes such things and I am female and that, given all those vicious animals he has to face, it might make him see things differently. 8)

Hes not a man, my sweet, hes a pidgin and he`s puddled, and 'shine addled’
Take care my Precious
Le D

For what it’s worth, Alexandria, your relationship sounds very much like mine, right down to both of us expecting to be single for life until we met one another and neither of us having any interest in traditional “couple roles”. So you’re not alone :slight_smile:


It is simply the humor of relationships. Each sex will take the other out of context and toa an extreme for humor. They may claim how they “yell at one another” or “call each other names” etc. but in reality most happily married people do nothing so outrageous as people claim but have rather stable and loving lives. But this is a “secret” just like how they call each other “pet names” is mainly a secret to the public.

In the publics eye we all each take pot shots at our sex and the opposite sex with outlandish statements and stories and told in such a fashion that is a campfire yarn to say the least. We say this out of understanding and humor because it is a lot more interesting than telling the truth like

“She calls me honeybun and we cuddle while watching Terminator. I enojy the comfort of spooning before dozing off to sleep.”


Sounds more interesting to say something like
“I married a woman that is Half Mountain Lion Half Demon and when she uses my true name you can smell the brimstone as the fire licks from her nostrils. If I defy her embrace she feasts on my broken bones as the TV sings my epitaph.”

Just the nature of the beast. :slight_smile:

“The next station stop will be London Waterloo”

It’s the next station, or the next stop. :imp: