More Compiler Problems


I have a slightly different problem than in the “Compiler Blues” post and the earlier thread about Compile refusing to cooperate. In my case, I AM trying to compile to RTF and the program just shuts down completely. I’ve also tried setting it to compile into Docx but the same thing occurs. I didn’t know until I read the other thread that there was an upgrade so haven’t thrown that monkey into the mix.

Grateful for any assistance, as always.


Do you have any tables in the text you’re trying to compile? I’m aware of an issue where complex tables (in the case I know of, one imported from Word) are hanging compile when “Override text and notes formatting” is enabled. Try compiling using the “Original” preset and see if you can get your text out just with that. If it works, it will help narrow the field of possible triggers. (You may want to select “Save Preset” before switching to Original in order to return to your current compile settings after the test.)