More control over typewrite mode and/or "jumpiness&quot

Hi Keith,

Scrivener is so great that I’m becoming a bit spoilt. Hence the following exorbitant wish.

When using full screen, I have discovered that neither the “typewriter mode” nor the “non typewriter mode” fit me for 100%.

a) In typewriter mode, I would rather have the cursor at, say, two thirds of the screen instead of halfway, as I often have to look at the text immediately above what I’m writing, and hardly ever at whatever is below what I’m writing (mostly white space…). Moreover, working on a 12" ibook, I really cannot afford the luxury of wasting half my screen real estate.

b) In non-typwriter mode, when I reach the bottom of the screen, the texts jumps almost a whole screen height. I find this terribly distracting and confusing (probably why you invented typewriter mode in the first place…).

So my wish would be that in the preferences I could either a) at which (vertical) position on the screen the cursor sticks in typewriter mode, or b) how much the text jumps when the cursor reaches the bottom of the screen in non-typewriter mode. Or both, of course :smiley:



Does the information here help, Paul?

Thanks Jot!

You probably mean the helpful final comment by Keith in that thread:


Seriously, I read and reread that discussion before I posted my wish, but it only explains how to turn Typewrite mode on and off, and that this can be done independently for Editing View and Full Screen view.

However, I would like to customize the behaviour of typewriter mode. Or am I missing something?