More easily convert PDF in email to text?

Apologies if this has been covered in the forums despite my search for prior discussions.
The scenario: I receive lots of emails containing attached or embedded pdfs. I need to convert them to text to work with them in Scrivener. When I use Services to clip the contents of the email to a new Scrivener document, the pdf does come into Scrivener, but I don’t know how to directly convert it to text; Scrivener’s Documents > Convert > PDF File to Text command only seems to appear if I first:

  1. control-click on the pdf in the original document to download it to my hard disk
  2. drag or otherwise import the downloaded pdf into Scrivener
  3. Use Scrivener’s Documents > Convert > PDF File to Text command
  4. Copy and paste the info into the Scrivener file imported from the email, so I have a file that contains the surrounding info from the original email AND the attachment.
  5. Delete the downloaded pdf file from my hard drive, and the extra imported document that once contained the pdf from my Scrivener project.

If you add the original clip import of the email, this is quite a tedious multistep process. Is there a faster or more efficient way to bring an email and its attached/embedded pdfs into a Scrivener text file – maybe in one or two steps? If not, would this be a not-too-involved feature to add to a future version?


No, the only way is to import the PDF separately and convert that to text. If you import the whole e-mail then it is already a text file, so obviously Scrivener cannot convert text-to-text. An embedded PDF is just like an image as far as Scrivener is concerned.

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