More epub compile woes/bugs

I have previously documented a problem where the compiler quits when it hits a bold item with superscript or subscript. The attached files show two more epub compile issues. First, it seems to randomly make certain items built with MathType into gigantic versions of themselves (87Sr/86Sr in this file); second, it just quit at a subscript that was not bold and was just inserted in the editor rather than with MathType. Ideas on how to fix these welcome; they seem to be bugs. (13 KB) (81.5 KB)

The problem here is that some of the MathType equations seem to have been pasted in. Internally, Scrivener expects MathType images to have a certain name (assigned to images sent in from MathType) and only examines images with an expected name format for MathML - this is to avoid examining the data of every single PDF file inside the text. In your case, some of the MathType equations have a generic “Pasted Graphic” name internally, suggesting you pasted them in from MathType rather than sending them to Scrivener. In this case, Scrivener does not try to extract the MathML data for the ePub, and the PDF file gets converted to PNG or JPG, which may result in the size being bigger.

I have added some code to the next update to work around this - the code will check for images that seem to be pasted in and look in those for the MathML data too. In the meantime, you can work around the issue yourself by deleting the affected equations in Scrivener and then using Insert > MathType Equation and sending the equation from MathType to Scrivener instead of copying and pasting.

I cannot see any issue with the compiler quitting at subscript, but this is perhaps because I have fixed the bug already reported in the version I am testing on (the next update).

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