More Favorite Items for Toolbar

I would like to see a few more buttons show up in the “customize toolbar” window:

  1. The sync functions, specifically the “with external folder” as I’m starting to use that quite a bit and don’t want to have to go through the menu each and every time.

  2. Writing Tools, Name Generator… it’s not one I’d be using much, but it’s a cool feature and it’d be nice to have it more accessible (and more “in my face”).

That’s it - easy, right?! :slight_smile:

It’s not really possible to provide a toolbar icon for every single command in Scrivener, unfortunately - for a start, the toolbar panel would become very difficult to use, but it’s also very strongly warned against in Apple’s human interface guidelines.

It’s not that it’s difficult (except that we have to pay for more icons :slight_smile: ), just that it gets a bit overwhelming - no matter which toolbar items we make available, there will always be a user who wants a different one; it’s the nature of the beast…

Thanks and all the best,

And do remember you can use System Preferences Keyboard pane to assign your own shortcuts to frequently used items. I know that might not be the best solution if you prefer icons to memorising keyboard stuff, but it can speed things up if you learn a few and its easier to remember the ones you’ve made for yourself.

The keyboard shortcut is a good suggestion, and I’ve done this already.

I looked at the list of available icons in the “customize toolbar” window, and there are definitely a lot there already, so I can understand the resistance to not include more icons in there. The “sync with external folder” feature, though, seems important enough to me to have an icon as an option, but perhaps it’s just one of the features that really has me excited (and still does).

Anyway, I won’t die - or stop using the app - without it. :slight_smile: