More Flexible way to navigate inside a Text

Hi KB:

I use scrivener everyday to write blog, paper, documentation. I wish I can enjoy it more.

It is my first time to raise a feature and I searched in the forum. Even though I am not sure whether it is a silly one or any other people asked about that. I wish I don’t waster your time.

I find the navigate inside a Text could be a little bit annoying — in my understand, scrivener’s philosophy is to organize your sections in many notes and navigate using binder. I do so when I write a paper.

But, sometimes I just want to draft a technical documentation and it could contain many heading and sub-heading. I don’t want to spend a lot of time to split these headings to make sure every sub-heading was a note and organize them in a folder. I just want to keep them in a few notes (because some heading didn’t have too much content) and I can still navigate every individual heading inside the text.

For example, I might establish a text in markdown format:

[code]# Document History

Document Version Publication Date Description
1.0 January 2017 Original Draft
1.1 May 2017 Revision


I wish there is a sub-heading droplist somewhere which can enable me to jump to ‘Document History’ or ‘Introduction’.

Right now I have to edit them in sublime text (they have wonderful tags system) and then copy/paste into scrivener. It is such a pain when you have to do it a lot.

Please let me know what’s your thinking. I can accept any workaround within scrivener,

Thank you for your job,

Just to clarify one point, have you experimented much with Scrivenings mode yet? With a few tweaks to settings, I find it a very satisfying way to approach the concept of using many small pieces to write. For example, here is an excerpt from the user manual’s menu appendix, where each menu command throughout the software’s application menu has its own snippet of text:

Relevant settings:

  • The Format/Options/Show Titles in Scrivenings mode is enabled.
  • I’ve adjusted the font and colour in the Formatting and Appearance preference panes, as well as selecting the Separate scrivenings with single line breaks option in the Formatting preference pane.

The result is clean, doesn’t become overbearing with many small sections (as you can see many are even as small as one-liners).

We will be enhancing navigation within the editor, but it will very much be based upon Scrivener’s fundamental assumption that meaningful breaks in content are expressed in the outline, not using a word processing style approach of putting headings into long segments of text (yes, Markdown, but the principle is the same and most Markdown editors work similar to word processors by extracting a headings structure and providing a navigation table somewhere).

Ultimately the request to make Scrivener work like the latter is in opposition to its nature and outside of its design focus, putting it in the “out of scope” territory. In fact there is a feature you could use right now (look up Text Bookmarks) that would enhance navigation within the editor, but we’re removing it because it goes against the design principle of the software: i.e. if something is so long that it needs internal navigation, it really shouldn’t be that long in this program—so I don’t recommend investing time in its use.

Oh, regarding Markdown workflow stuff: check out File/Import/MultiMarkdown File…. Give that a structured document and it will split it up into a hierarchical outline for you. Given that you can compile with a hierarchical Markdown heading structure, that feature gives you round-trip editing between Scrivener and editors like Sublime (which yes, do have some nice features for Markdown authoring).