more flexible zoom options in Editor

A desperate plea from one ageing presbyopic user — for either the possibility of custom zoom settings like Word has, or at any rate a couple more presets between 125% and 150% (eg 135% and 145%). I know this probably sounds like a frivolous and finicky refinement, but the truth is that for those of us who struggle to read the print on our screens, THESE are the settings that make 10pt font legible on a mac laptop screen! 125% is too small; 150% gratuitously large (which means sacrificing precious real estate on the small laptop screen!). And 10 pt (or 9pt or 11pt) really is the appropriate size for the fonts I use (just to be clear, I’m working w/ big fonts like Georgia & Verdana which are reasonable at that size, not fonts like Times Roman which really ARE tiny at 10pt!).

Yes, it’s possible to do a run-round by adjusting font size instead during the writing/editing stage — but if you print a lot as you go along, as I do, constantly setting and resetting font size is a pain, and it throws off the layout of the eventual printed document. Zooming the whole program using the OS Magnification is not really the right solution: again, it wastes real estate (on huge scroll bars, headers etc) when all I need to magnify is the type itself.

Basically the issue is that because macbooks shrink everything, to get the letters on your screen to appear approximately the same size as the printed version you need to magnify them about 130-140%. This is what I always do in Word, and I just wish I could do it in Scrivener too! Ten years ago, I could live with tiny screen fonts; now I just. can’t. read. them. at. all.

If this is in fact more technically tricky than I imagine, I’ll understand — but even one extra preset at 135%, to bridge the leap from 125% to 150%, would be an amazing enhancement in functionality for your ageing users!

Thanks so much for reading. I find it amazing that you have the time to listen to all your users AND design such an amazing product. I’m relatively new to Scrivener, and still constantly gobsmacked by how much it can do!

Not to disparage your request, but have you considered using Compile presets to change the font size back to your preferred print size for the documents you print out so you can leave the font size in the editor bumped up? This seems like a fantastic opportunity to use the Compile system for a job it’s perfect for.

The next major paid update of Scrivener (3.0) will allow users to pick any zoom percentage. (It is actually a little tricker technically than it might sound, because the text system tends not to like zooming much, and works better at some zoom factors than others.)

Thanks for the kind words!

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And actually, I’m not surprised that this is technically tricky — scaling fonts always seems like a bit of a miracle to me, so I can well imagine that free-form zoom is not a piece of cake! THANK YOU for making this happen. You guys are amazing.

Interesting. To be honest (don’t laugh) I’ve never tried using the Compile function yet — my project is still in the interminable planning/organising stages where the stuff I’m writing and printing is basically a massive collection of short documents. So I’ve put all my mental effort into mastering the Binder/Editor aspects of this somewhat daunting software — and totally put off thinking about Compiling, which sounds like it’s a whole other complicated and powerful module! But clearly I should look into it for now, while Scrivener 3.0 is still a gleam in the future! I’d rather assumed that Compiling was more effort than it’s worth just to print off quick copies of documents as I work — but maybe it’s easier than I think?

Though there’s still the problem of having to preview/adjust layout. (Sounds stupid, if I’m just printing up notes, but honestly there’s nothing so annoying as finding the final two lines of a doc have suddenly slid off onto a second page, when I could have got the whole thing on one page just by tightening up a few blank lines…). Anyway, I’ll go do my overdue homework and read up on Compiling : ) Thank you for the suggestion!!!