More formats for External Folder Sync

That’s it. That’s my wish. :slight_smile:

ODT and/or DocX particularly would be useful, particularly as RTF editors are few and far between on Android and plain text doesn’t preserve formatting unless you leave everything in unconverted Markdown.

Almost any word processor opens RTFs. Word certainly does.

On Android, MS Word opens RTF files as read-only.

That’s pretty sad.

This is true on iOS as well. I still haven’t found an iOS rtf editor that can work in close with Scrivener (external file sync). For the benefit of Android users, I’ve heard that Android OfficeSuite can do the job. The iOS OfficeSuite version, though, produces rtf files that crash Scrivener & I haven’t found their tech support responsive to iOS issues.

I’d love support for a markdown format so some basic formatting can be preserved when syncing and using plain text editors. I also can’t use .rtf because I haven’t found a mobile rtf editor that suits my needs.