More glowing praise

I bought a license for Scrivener today after testing it for 30 days. I am working on a doctoral thesis and a book of essays and have been using Scrivener for both.

I want to say, Keith, that you have built the most marvelous software. I am one of those people who has tried most writing software for the Mac. The tools Scrivener includes are more finely judged and are implemented in a more refined way than anything else I have seen.

The split screen has made my academic writing easier by an order of magnitude. As a researcher, I’m usually writing about someone else’s text (or, often, picture). I have never been able to understand why other programs didn’t have a split screen option. I had concluded it must be for some reason un-doable. Scrivener’s implementation is fantastic. I love the option to switch between horizontal and vertical splits.

It is also so easy to get all the things I have to write about into Scrivener. The drag and drop import is great; the web archive feature is great; the floating scratchpad and clippings are great. I thought linking to external files in the reference section was great. I went along happily opening them in an external application (usually Mellel), or sometimes exporting to RTF and importing them to Scrivener. When I realized that you can actually view those files within Scrivener by dragging them to the heading bar, you could have knocked me over with a feather. Now THAT’S good thinking–absolutely incredibly useful.

The fullscreen view is beautiful and actually useful, not limiting. The option to control the background transparency and change the positon of the paper is genius. And so many other small details are so good. You’ve paid attention to everything and made good decisions about things on every level. That you have included options for changing the way PDFs and images display is wonderful and extremely helpful, and works perfectly. That there are options for changing where Binder selections are displayed. That you can go forward and back in the document history in the editors–so useful! I could go on and on listing all the dynamite details but I guess everybody knows them. Basically, it just works great. I still can’t believe quite how well.

The overall look is clean, understandable, and appealing. It makes it fun to open up Scrivener and take a look at my work. More generally, I think you have struck a very good balance between features that satisfy the need to tinker, move stuff around, admire your work–play a little, really–and features that allow you and encourage you to get down to work really efficiently. Both are necessary, I think, to engage different parts of your brain, and that’s one reason Scrivener is so successful for me.

Normally when I try out a new piece of software, I start exploring its features and seeing what it can do, and I think, “OK, I can see how I could set up my workflow so I could use that.” When I tried Scrivener for the first time, I went through the tutorial, and with every feature that was introduced, I thought “What? You mean it’ll let me do that? And that too? Well, that’d be perfect! THANK you! THANK you!” No kidding. That’s still how I feel.

Keith, I really don’t know how to thank you. I wish you great success with Scrivener, with your writing, and all else.


I agree entirely. I arrived upon the software via one of those “bored-and-surfing” happy accidents. I too am writing a Doctoral Thesis and this really is like having a real assistant, someone to take care of all the little bits of paper and help me organise my ideas not demand that I make my mind up immediately as to what exactly I will want to do with them in two years time!

The split screen element and pdf import is truly magical; scrivener link is sublime; the ability to attach notes to the documents I have been reading via drag and drop is sensational; and the scratch pad “append to” is a little piece of heaven!

On a 20inch iMac with an extra monitor (thanks screendoctor) this is just an amazing way to work.

Thank you.

Thank you both for your very kind and positive comments. :slight_smile:

Much appreciated.
All the best,

That’s pretty much how I still feel, and I started with Scrivener way back with the first public betas in 2005 (has it really been that long?!) Finally, a program that lets me work the way I’ve always tried to work!

I’m not sure if it is the done thing to exhume an old thread like this – but I have anyway.

Like the OP, I am very impressed by the small details in Scrivener, almost as much as by the whole idea. The way the whole thing works is what really matters, I suppose, but some of the details take the breath away.

I was reading the part of the tutorial that deals with horizontal and vertical split, clicking and unclicking the split button (I am easily amused, particularly when I should be writing) and thought “Wouldn’t it be great if Option-clicking the split button produced a vertical split.” So, idly, I option-clicked. And it works!

Keith, I have been playing around with the trial version of Scrivener all day and I am gobsmaked by its awesomeness! This has got to be the most useful thing I’ve ever found. You’re a legend. I’m going to purchase it as soon as I can figure out if I can just buy a license code or if I need to get a CD posted.

Cheers, Cat

Thanks. :slight_smile: I don’t post CDs, I’m afraid - I just send you the serial number via e-mail which turns the trial version into the full version.
Thanks again and all the best,

So if I fill out the shopping cart thingy and pay, you send me a serial number? Fine by me – I misunderstood the info. Will do that right now.