More interface color customization options

This is a bit frivolous, but I use dark themes and prefer having darker interface colors to go along with it. My Windows colors are all set to dark greys with light text, and I usually write with light grey text on a dark blue page and edit with white on darker red.

Scrivener plays well with these habits for the most part, but a few things don’t seem to be alterable so far as I can tell no matter what I change in Windows or Scrivener:

  1. The color of the main toolbar, which means that unless I turn it off and lose its convenience, its very light color is going to clash against the rest of my screen
  2. The format bar, which I rarely use and can just be turned off, but it’d be nice to have the option to customize its colors
  3. The footers (and their text), which I like to use to keep a running tally of my word count
  4. Finally, the text in dropdowns and context menus is still black, which means it must be independent of Windows’ settings because it’s the only one of my programs whose menus aren’t changed for readability (though it is possible, I suppose, that this isn’t an internal setting but just me failing to find an option in Windows to fix it)

I don’t know how feasible it is to add the option to recolor these few things, but it’d be much appreciated by those of us who like tweaking our visual working environment!