More Keyboard Shortcuts (for iOS but could be cross-platform)

[I posted this and my next suggestion at the end of a long thread that probably got too buried. Making a new post after expanding my thoughts on the matter.]

I’ve noticed some undocumented (but very standard) shortcuts: CMD+B=bold, CMD+I=Italics, CMD+U=underline.

Are there others I’m missing?

Would love to have for all the pre-existing Paragraph Format Presets:

CMD+1 = Heading 1
CMD+2 = Heading 2
CMD+3 = Heading 3
CMD+4 = Heading 4
CMD+SHIFT+C = code block
CMD+SHIFT+B = block quote
??? = Body (maybe CMD+SHIFT+B and use CMD+SHIFT+Q for block quote instead?)
CMD+L = Bulleted lists
CMD+SHIFT+L = Numbered lists
CMD+K = Insert Link modal window (I realise this conflicts with split selected, but this has become quite standard elsewhere from most markdown editors to even MS Office )

Hi Sirshanksalot,

Didn’t mean to interrupt your request for additional features, but in fact the Cmd+B, etc. are documented in the Keyboard Shortcuts page, in the iOS Knowledgebase.

Below is the link to page. Check it out, maybe there will be some others you didn’t know about. … s-gestures

ETA: Please ignore my post! Sirshanksalot is correct, Cmd+B, etc. are not in the Keyboard Shortcuts page!


No, Cmd-B etc. are not listed because they are standard Mac/iOS shortcuts, so KB didn’t want to take up space in the shortcut listing for them and only included those which are specific to Scrivener … or so I believe.

I don’t know if it’s standard, but on my Logitech keyboard Ctrl-Cmd-Space cycles through keyboards, just as it does on my Macs, though I’ve always thought I had set it specifically myself on my Macs. The key with a kind of globe icon, which performed that function under iOS 8, now under iOS 9 acts like the “Home” button on the iPad.


Too bad for those of us coming solely from the Windows world, who don’t know any of the standard Mac/iOS shortcuts!

I’ll look them up.

On the Mac you can more often than not substitute CMD (Command) where you would use CTRL (Control) on Windows.

Happy keyboarding :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip!