More like a usability question: Endnote and Scrivener

Hi, everybody. I’m thinking of moving from Papers to EndNote, but want to know if there is some way to directly insert citations in Scrivener before compiling out to Word for final layout.

Papers has the nifty Magic Citations, which allows me to hit a key combo and pop up a search and insert window, putting the citation key into Scrivener. Does anyone know if EndNote has something like that?

(Why the move? Don’t like the way Papers has gone since they got bought out. Complete lack of user support)

Hopefully someone more knowledgeable can answer, but I don’t believe Endnote has a pop-up tool like Papers does, you just Cmd-Y out of Scrivener, search for the reference and then copy and paste it into Scrivener. If your options are open, you might wish to try the Bookends and Sente demos as well.

EndNote has a facility called Cite While You Write
That may give you the functionality you seek.
Here are links that provide online tutorials:

Thanks as always, Amber. My options are wide open at the moment, but I know that I really want to be able to do my text creation in Scriv and citation management elsewhere. The pop up tool that PApers has is outstanding, but I’m not fond of where the support went, which is a shame. Version 2 was incredible.

Thanks for the suggestions for Sente and Bookends.

I wrote my thesis using Scrivener and EndNote (and Papers). My workflow was to write in Scrivener and then either copy and paste or drag and drop from EndNote into my manuscript (using Cmd-Y or Cmd-Tab to switch between Scrivener and EndNote). Other options are to type them directly (actually not that hard when you’ve written half a thesis) or copy & paste earlier citations. When finished, I compiled to Word, then used the EndNote plugin for Word to generate my reference list. Worked well.

As far as I know, Cite-While-You-Write only works with Word (it used to work with Pages, but I believe the new Pages broke this functionality). To the best of my knowledge, CWYW doesn’t work with Scrivener - it certainly didn’t when I wrote and edited my thesis.

While EndNote is not as a user friendly as Papers, it has the benefit being extremely customisable. For example, I found a few little errors in its referencing styles, and was able to create (or modify existing) templates to correct this.

In Bookends library, select the source for the footnote and click on the button Copy Citation in the Bookends toolbar. This automatically places the citation code into the Inspector footnote. Or you can also drag and drop a reference from the Bookends library into the paper (as into the Scrivener Inspector footnote). The dropped reference turns into the citation code. To see the citation in normal language, not citation code for scanning, copy and paste into an Inspector footnote. Or under the Copy Citation button, select Copy Formatted. That places the bibliographical entry in normal language at the point where the cursor bar is inserted in Scrivener.

Thank you, everybody! I really love a community that is happy to help someone out by sharing their experiences and workflow. It’s GREAT!