More Meta Data options like LABELS and STATUS and tick all that applies


I can see how to add Custom Meta-Data titles.
These are attributes with fields populated with free format text values.

If they are available I would like to use 2 other reporting features:

  1. Add more Meta-Data titles similar to LABELS and STATUS which have a specific set of values.

I know I could change the Status to free format text and repurpose either the LABELS or STATUS for my needs, but this in effect means Scrivener users have to work with only 2 of this type of tab … LABELS and STATUS. Is it possible to add more of this type?

  1. Add Meta-Data which is in effect, select all which applies. I.e. multiple values, which for example help to track novel sub-plots. An example of this is at the bottom of this editor enabling users to check up to 4 boxes (Disable BBCode, Disable smilies etc).

Other Scrivener users may also benefit from the above.

Any ideas?


Don’t Keywords already do much of what you need? You can have as many as you want for a document and many novelists already use them in the way you suggest to track subplots and much more. They’re not tick box, but it’s easily enough to select the ones you want and drag them from the HUD to a document(s).

Thank you Brookter,

I had not thought of using keywords in that way and shall give it some thought.

I have to presume that I am not able to … Add more Meta-Data titles similar to LABELS and STATUS which have a specific set of values or create a tick all that applies as per my question.

Happy New Year from sunny South Australia.


Additional custom metadata fields are text, not boolean, at least in this version, that’s correct. But do have a good look at Keywords – they can be really flexible and powerful.

And Happy New Year to you!

What does the future look like – we’re still in 2016 up here…

Thank you Brooker,

Sounds like Keywords are the way forward … for now.
Any product roadmap, you can share, for the features I enquired about?
As for the future, it won’t be long in coming.


Only what I pick up in this forum (I’m a user, not part of the team). If you search for “Version 3”, then you’ll find what has been said. I understand there’ll be a new Styles system, and that the preferences dialogue has been rearranged, and I’m sure there’s much beside. As platform parity has been state as one of the goals of Version 3, as a rule of thumb I suppose you could guess that if a feature is in the current Mac version it will be in the next version of Windows, but of course, there’s a difference between a goal and what can actually be achieved across different platforms, so we’ll have to wait and see what can be delivered. (It will be good, I’ve no doubt…)

The Mac version is believed to be out in the next few months, the Windows version a few months after that.

Thanks Brookter for the update

I look forward to these features.
Happy to sign up as a beta tester if that is an option.