More Notes on Scrolling/Resizing Issue

You’ve probably already decided to fix the scrollbar (the grab location for the scroll bars is incorrect, and the wrong cursor is shown), in which case you may ignore this post.

Here are two new ways in which this problem is annoying:

  1. I often mean to select text in the synopsis, but end up resizing the window instead. This happens because the cursor shows as a normal caret selection cursor, but should be a resize cursor. Also, the resize area extends into the text area.

  2. When using other windows applications, I find myself aiming for the left side of a scroll elevator with the cursor. That is, I’m so used to working with the misbehaving Scrivener scroll bar, that I am limited to a smaller region even with correctly functioning apps.

Just to beat this dead horse one more time, try this: write some text in the synopsis, then attempt to click with the mouse such that you place the cursor to the left of the first character in the synopsis. IOW, do what you’d do in order to add some text to the start of the synposis.

Unless you click on the character itself, this is not possible. Even if you click on the leftmost pixel of the character, it will not work because S will interpret as a desire to resize.