More on Sync

There’s an interesting post on the Omni Blog here:

From that it’s worth noting that Omni,who are highly experience Mac developers have also been having problems getting reliable syncing with one of their products - in this case Omnigraffle. These problems must have got to the point where they have had to alter the file format as Mac package formats are simply not supported by the main Sync services which appear to have no intention of ever doing so.

They seem to have moved to a .zip format where the package is compressed on saving. I’m not suggesting Keith does the same even if it is possible, but it’s clear L&L aren’t the only ones for whom sync causes major problems.

FWIW Omni also run their own sync server which I think is based on WebDAV. Only available for their products.

The possibility of using a ZIP format for Scrivener projects has been discussed before.

The problem is that one of the major advantages of Scrivener’s current format is that the component documents in the project can be opened, changed, and uploaded/downloaded individually. In a ZIP format, the project is a single entity. That’s exactly why the ZIP format is more robust, but remember that a Scrivener project can run to multiple gigabytes. Having to upload/download the whole thing over a potentially slow internet link every time you want to synchronize is not necessarily an improvement over the status quo.


Not to mention that it could potentially increase memory use in a big way…

Yes. You’d need to either load the whole thing into memory or unzip it to a temporary directory.