More paragraph indent issues for Kindle

Hi all,
I’m so close to being done with formatting my Scrivener ebook for Kindle, but now I have a new problem! I’ve stripped out all tab stops by going to Format -> Text -> Remove all tab stops, and when I “compile,” I put in my own indentations under Formatting. However, now there are perfect paragraph indentations for the Kindle and Kindle DX previewer - but in the Kindle Paperwhite, everything is indented, BUT the first paragraph of any chapter is indented much LESS than the other paragraph indentations. This looks weird and seems like it would be easy to fix, but I can’t figure out how! (And yes, in Formatting under “Compile” I have all paragraphs, including the first, indented the same amount, so I know I haven’t accidentally set that as a preference). PLEASE HELP!

There actually is one setting in Formatting that can do what you are describing. Not indenting the first paragraph after a heading or a scene break is a common layout technique, so if you started with a template it might even have been set by default. Click on the “Options” button in the Formatting pane along the top, and make sure “Remove first paragraph indents” is disabled.

Also note that the Kindle Previewer, in Kindle and DX mode will not likely be a good way of previewing the Paperwhite model. That is the first e-ink device using Amazon’s new KF8 format instead of the old MobiBook format, and so it will be more likely to be similar to the Fire’s rendering.