More sophisticated word count in outline view

It would be great if outline view offered a more sophisticated word count. Currently, the word count in project statistics only includes documents that I have marked to be included in a compile. Could a new column be added to outline view that only showed a word count when a document will be included in compile, and zero otherwise?

This prior post describes the rationale behind the current behaviour. Let me know if that doesn’t completely address your question.

Reviving an old wish list item:

While the prior post AmberV points out below explains in good detail why the compilation process is more complicated, it doesn’t really address the actual wish list item. The desired behavior is to have some way to only tabulate desired documents into the overall total word count field (or a new field with the desired behavior.) What I’m requesting is nothing but simple math, adding the desired documents to the total and ignoring the others. I can do this by hand but it is laborious and painful. Compilation is not desired; in fact, it is anti-desired - the goal is to easily avoid the slow Project Statistics page.

Could you make this happen? It doesn’t have to leverage the “Included in Compile” option, but the current Total Word Count doesn’t leverage that field anyway, so it shouldn’t be a difficult change. It’s hard to imagine that users are currently relying on the total word count to reflect content that won’t end up in the final document anyway.

Why is this valuable? I want to be able to make changes between revisions grouped into chapter folders and quickly see how the word counts at each folder level changes. The Project Statistics pane is (a) too slow to be useful at 100k words (b) not integrated into the outliner hierarchy so we can see aggregations at say the Act One level or the Chapter One level.

Thank you for your consideration.

It’s not clear to me what it is you are asking about. The original request here was to have the outline value derived for the “Total Word Count” and “Total Character Count” columns to take into account compile considerations. It seems you are asking for something else which doesn’t have anything to do with compile settings—so what is the criteria by which you are counting groups of things?

To me it seems one can already do what you’re asking for: the “Total Word Column” counts the total number of words accumulated in a group’s subdocuments. Hence your revision 1 chapter folder can be compared directly to your revision 2 chapter folder, no?

When editing a text the word count and target shows up on the bottom margin of the window. And if you click on Project Statistics you get counts for various combinations of qualified documents. Since the information for each document in the manuscript is tracked, maybe we could get the word count corresponding to the document organization level in editor focus? That is clicking on Chapter 1 in the binder causes the sum of word counts for the documents in that chapter show in the status bar. If you organize with Act levels clicking on that give the total word count in the Act, clicking on Manuscript repeats this for the entire manuscript. It’s a shortcut that is rather appealing.

That’s actually how it works on the Mac (and I presume in the Windows V3 beta. Click on a folder — and show the Scrivening virtual document of all the subdocuments (toggle ctl-1). You’ll see the word count for that virtual view in the footer.

This also works for any selected documents, even if they’re not next to each other in the Binder: word counts in the footer reflect the selected documents.