More than one draft folder

I have looked all over to see if there is anything special about the draft folder other than it is the default for compile and it is not the research folder, which cannot be used for compile.

While it is no big deal because you can select exactly what you want to compile, I have two categories of information that are purely text (rtf) but that I would not normally include in output:

  • organization mission and goals
  • content intended for publishing on my web site

It seems convenient to have those 2 categories in their own top-level folders. That way “draft” contains only content I would routinely publish. But, occasionally I’ll publish the organization mission and goals documents.

My experiment with compile suggests that there is nothing special about the draft folder as a top level folder. In fact, any top level folder that contains only text or folders will compile.

Can anyone confirm that my suspicions are right?

Thanks in advance. This is a very nice community for a very nice product.

  • Lewis

Why not create a new folder at the same level as Drafts? Create it subordindate to Drafts and then drag it up to the same level. Compile works for such a folder. You could name this new top level folder as Organization Mission and Goals. Then I suspect you will want to save this new structure as a project template (File > Save As Template …).