More TOC Fun!

Hey Guys,

So I’m trying to get my TOC to work correctly, but I’m coming across a few issues. It’s a bit complicated to explain exactly where my problems are, so I’m included a few images to help show what I’m trying to do & how I’m set up.

On a very basic level, I’m simply trying to create a page that reads:

Three Days Earlier.

This will be placed after the Prologue, but before the first chapter. Easy enough to do, but issues arise when I try to ‘hide’ that file/folder from appearing in the TOC.

The closest I could come to perfection was by creating my own contents and simply not linking to it.

But I then realised that the built in ‘Table of Contents’ button (using Maverick’s iBooks app) displays a completely different TOC to the ‘Contents’ page I created. (Which I assume is replicated across Kindles, iPads… etc, too.)

Not only does this ‘Table of Contents’ dialog display the ‘hidden’ folder, it also completely changed how the Chapters are listed. (I.E. Just the name, no number, or the word ‘chapter’).

So I’m assuming that there’s a separate ‘Built-In’ TOC file that I need to configure, but I’m totally lost at where it is.

Any help would be very much appreciated.



The e-book generator makes a few assumptions that work for most cases:

  1. You created a new section in the e-book because a new section has been arrived at (i.e. you aren’t using sections to generate some formatting effect, such as text on the screen by itself).
  2. You want sections wired up to the navigation system and made available to readers (this goes beyond the listed ToC in the menu, but what it should jump to if you issue a command to skip to the next chapter, etc.).

If your intended usage does not fall within those parameters, then you will need to do some post-compile work on the e-book itself, using an editor like Sigil. You can do this in Sigil using the Tools/Table of Contents/Edit Table of Contents… menu command.

All right, as for naming the sections with a chapter number, I don’t know why that stopped working. The only thing that comes to mind is that when trying to “hide” the three-days bit, you changed the Formatting compile pane to start adding titles to text documents instead of folders, in order to make the one folder with text content “Three Days Earlier” not print a title. It would be easier just to keep the “Three Days Earlier” text in a regular file, and set that file to “As-Is” so it doesn’t print a title—then set things back to printing folder names as chapter headings, if that is how it was working initially.