More useful searching (Inspector implementation)

I would love to see the Inspector pane utilized in word search results. Perhaps a page number and five to ten words (or, a user selectable number) on either side of the search result could be displayed. Clicking on one of these rows could cause the last selected text window to jump to that section, with the search result highlighted. Super powerful for altering frequently used words.


Most browsers have a “find in page” function with arrows next to the search field for easy jumping through results, from instance to instance. This would be extremely helpful for those of us who prefer mouse clicks over hot keys.

I hope I’m not overlooking anything here. I did search the forums.

Thanks for reading, and for the best writing software I’ve ever used!


Thanks for the kind words!

This would really be breaking the purpose of the inspector, which is very specifically for inspecting individual document data. Also, page number references wouldn’t really make sense seeing as page numbers have no particular meaning in Scrivener until compile.

Certainly some contextual information around words would be a nice addition, though, and is on the list for 3.0.

As for “find in page”, this is already possible. Just hit cmd-F to bring up the Find panel, pre-loaded with the search term, to search through the individual documents.

All the best,

Thanks, Keith. I had just been using the search box in the toolbar. This helps a lot.

Thanks for the reply!